Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Reusing Canning Lids

There has been much discussion about reusing canning lids. Manufactures say that they should not be used more than once. Many people that home can food have stated that they have reused their lids several times. When I grew up on the farm, I remember my grandmother (my teacher) taking previously used lids from a shoe box and putting them in the boiling water in a pan. When you are on a farm and quite frugal, many things are reused. We couldn’t run to town when we wanted lids for canning.

I experimented with a batch of meatballs and a batch of diced chicken breasts the other day. I put up 18 wide mouth pints with used lids. Of the 18 pints there was one that did not seal. This provided us with dinner that night and 17 jars for future dinners. Not a bad average if I do say so.

Everyone has to make their own decision about reusing lids or not when canning.

Happy canning,



  1. I tried this just this past Saturday, and the one lid I re used did not stay sealed for longer than 24 hours. I'm sure it DOES work well for lots of folks, but since my first time trying it didn't work, I won't be trying it again. I do however keep my lids to store dry goods in, for a nice air tight seal.

  2. they have some lids that are specifically designed to be reusable. They are not cheap, but they should work.


  3. I've also heard about tattler lids - they have been around for many years and are reusable.